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The Inside Scoop on Reconstructive Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

Extreme Good Looks North Carolina with Designer Dentures

Prosthodontic Cosmetics
One of the most common complaints, and there are only a few, that people have about dentures is that they obviously look like dentures.

It is the norm for new denture wearers have consists of getting several extractions. After that, a series of dental impressions need to be created, then a few visits to the office to going through a series of adjustments to get the gum tissues to reduce swelling, and eventually start healing.

Over a period of a few weeks to a few months, the new dentures will be lined and relined to accommodate the loss of gum tissue.

Denture products fabricated in high tech laboratories and dental techniques that promote quality over aesthetics will have the best amount of happy denture customers. High tech laboratories produce products that create beautiful new teeth based on a single visit with the dentist.

Missing Teeth

missing teeth





Common errors or anticipated adjustments are “handled” by denture relines which can become a frustrating experience for many patients.

Veteran Denture Wearers
There are, fortunately, a great number of denture wearers who have above average treatment results with their dentures. They fit snugly, don’t become loose, don’t affect speech and enable eating of most favorite foods.

These standard dentures (not implant retained or anchored) are created with attention to detail that denture clinics or high production denture dentists can’t provide.

Every imaginable detail is covered. Fit…. function… comfort and amazingly good looks. The final denture result is practically indistinguishable from normal teeth. The final cosmetic customization creates an appearance that is nearly identical to normal teeth provided by Mother Nature.

The Dunningham Process
A literal pioneer in denture prosthetics, Dr. Bill Dunningham developed a system of prosthodontic protocols that enable artistic denture dentists, like Dr. Frank, to create a denture product that is custom fit to a patient’s jaw structures.

brand new teeth





Prosthodontic Makeover Cosmetics

Initial Training and Evaluation Denture
The first denture is designed to function as an assessment tool that is used, over time, to get everything “just right”. Fit, feel, comfort, perfect speech, effortless eating and chewing, fearless laughing and smiling, etc.

Re-linings for the initial denture create the data points used by Dr. Frank for modifying measurements for what he will create as a final denture. The patient provides feedback and input during this phase to assure every important patient need is satisfied.

Denture or Real?
Designer Dentures
During the very last phase, denture cosmetics are implemented by Dr. Frank to create a final denture that looks like natural teeth…. NOT denture teeth.

Differences in texture, whiteness shading, opalescence, size, rotation, incisal edges, cosmetic gaps, maybe even a gold crown…. are used (according to patient interests) to eliminate the appearance of mass produced denture teeth.

Fleshy, tinted areas of the denture representing normal gum tissue are painstakingly stained by hand to convert what is supposed to be cold acrylic into something that looks like warm, live gum tissue.

The finished product is called a Dunningham Denture. There is no known fabrication process that can duplicate this process.

Call our office at (919) 851-6697to schedule a consult to learn how Dunningham prosthodontics can change the way you think about wearing dentures.

Patients with specific questions about cosmetic makeover dentures are invited to contact Dr. Frank directly with our on-line Ask The Dentist form. Dr. Frank will respond directly with the answers and information you are seeking.

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Dentistry That Cares About Patient Happiness

The Reconstructive Cosmetic and Long Beach Dental Implant Dentist

Reconstructive Dentistry is probably the broadest and most inclusive term used to describe the concept of replacing, rebuilding or creating, for the first time, the elements and relationships between teeth, the upper and lower jaws and overall facial structures.

Our practice has been involved in celebrity style cosmetic dentistry since it became popular. Long Beach Dental Implants Dentist, Dr. Smithington, years ago, was a co-founder of the International Medical and Dental Spa Association, in an effort to establish a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere within the dental setting and to offer our patients the widest range of cosmetic change or outcomes imaginable for nearly any dental need.

Cosmetic Dentistry Hal Smithington

Elements of Change
Although reconstructive treatment plans typically involve units of replacement or reparative dentistry (replacing a crown, a filling, an implant, bridge, etc.), the terms are not interchangeable.

Rather, Dental Reconstruction refers to the elements of change introduced by treating and/or replacing tooth structures and … most importantly.. the process of assuring an optimization of bite that maintains dental function for each and every unique patient.

Reconstruction: Creating What Mother Nature Forgot

In general terms… it is rare that any given individual will have picture perfect teeth and a smile that compliments a person’s features in every possible way. Typically, for many of us… the reconstructive treatments can begin at a very early age.

Orthodontists specialize in moving things around, up and down, to create a good solid bite that functions and looks the way it should.

Developmental issues are first encountered during the early years and in significant cases can involve surgery to achieve something that we expect nature to provide…. jaw structures that match.

Reconstruction: ReCreating What is Missing

Creating or recreating components of a great looking smile takes on more importance as we move into adulthood. Careers and social activities have a tremendous impact on how we want to look. Bite problems, if not treated or corrected during our developmental years can, well, they usually do come into full bloom as we move through adulthood.

Eating habits, oral health care histories, trauma, delayed or forestalled treatments for routine restorations make up a larger part of all the things that can require a reconstructive effort… rather than just restorative.

Endurance of course becomes a significant issue for any restorative treatment but when a complete smile makeover is the desired result… Long Beach Dental Implants Dentist, Dr. Smithington’s patients can select from a virtual menu of reconstructive components that can promise long term endurance.

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